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Nantucket Eau de Buz Perfume and Repellent

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Nantucket Eau de Ack smells of whispering bergamot to intrigue with light notes of florals, woody citrus, and orange! This perfume and repellent is great for a wedding, vacation, bachelorette weekends, beach days, outdoor adventures, or weekend getaway. Smell great AND repel insects while you frolic, picnic, beach, bike, boat, hike, or just chill outdoors without the bites.

Scent: Top notes are citrus, aromatic, and woody, balanced with bergamot, orange, and white floral

Manufactured in a certified GMP factory. Non–GMO. Hand Crafted in Charleston. Small Batch, Ethically Sourced & Manufactured.

All natural. Suitable for all skin types. This fragrance is available in 55 ml. 


Proprietary Blend of All-Natural Essential Oils that are blended in organic, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol using the same process used by perfumers hundreds of years ago - before synthetics took over the industry.

Nantucket Eau de Buz Perfume and Repellent - The Look and Co