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Vacay Unisex Perfume and Repellent

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Taking a VACAY and packing up your essentials? Just as you would pack your SPF, you need a bottle of VACAY to smell great & repel the nasty insects that seems to distract you on every trip. The scent is unisex, fresh and citrusy. Repel insects while you frolic, picnic, beach, bike, boat, hike, or chilling. Fragrances do much more than smell pretty, they evoke memories, create experiences, and can illicit strong emotions. Inspired by the celebration of love, travel, and friendship, this fragrance is fun and citrusy. 

Scent: Top chords of bergamot and lemon capture the scent of sun drenched palm trees, breezy and refreshing like a summer drink.

Manufactured in a certified GMP factory. Non–GMO. Hand crafted in Charleston. Small batch, ethically sourced & manufactured.

All natural. Suitable for all skin types. This fragrance is available in 55 ml. 


Proprietary Blend of All-Natural Essential Oils that are blended in organic, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol using the same process used by perfumers hundreds of years ago - before synthetics took over the industry.

Vacay Unisex Perfume and Repellent - The Look and Co