Gentle Amino Powerwash

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Double Cleansing never felt this good.
Award-winning cleanser to remove sunscreen, makeup, and impurities in one wash while treating breakouts, blackheads, and enlarged pores.
Unique, luxurious serum texture gives you the most experiential cleanse without stripping our drying, leaving skin baby soft and hydrated. 

Gently removes impurities: Amino acid based cleansing agents removes impurities without disrupting skin barrier functions

Smooths and brightens complexion: Glycolic acid dissolves dead skin cells and buildup to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion

Reduces wrinkle depth and dark spots: Niacinamide protects against ROS damage, decreases wrinkle depth, fades dark spots, and reduces excess oil production

Deeply moisturizes for baby-soft skin: Squalane restores skin softness and reduces UV-induced oxidative stress

How to use

Morning and evening, apply two to three pumps onto palms and massage over face in circular motions. Emulsify with lukewarm water and continue massaging, then rinse thoroughly.

For even more cleansing power, apply product onto dry skin and massage in circular motions for up to one minute, then rinse. Add water when needed to increase ease of application if used on dry skin.


Amino acid based cleansing agents
Gently remove impurities from the skin's surface

Glycolic acid
Dissolves dead skin cells and buildup

Eases irritation and visible redness

Moisturizes and promotes overall skin barrier function

Gentle Amino Powerwash - The Look and Co
Gentle Amino Powerwash - The Look and Co
Gentle Amino Powerwash - The Look and Co