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Serum Para A Face Serum

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The Sérum Para A Face aka Face Serum uses calming allantoin and aloe vera to quickly alleviate any indications of irritation, discomfort and redness, making your skin feel more comfortable.
Vitamin C, Aloe, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, as well as camu camu, açai, rosemary leaf extract, and breu branco are paired in this serum to nourish, brighten, and improve your skin’s texture.
This potion soothes irritated skin while also reducing the appearance of marks for a more energized, radiant, and healthy-looking complexion and primes your skin for any further stages in your skincare routine.
This fragrance-free formula is also oil free, therefore it has a super lightweight, fast absorbing formula, suitable for all skin types that boosts firmness, plumpness and reduces puffiness.


Serum Para A Face feels like a nectar for your skin.
It plumps, hydrates and softens your skin from the first application.
Due to its very carefully curated ingredients it will sooth any irritation or discomfort.
Pairing some of the superstars ingredients from the industy with exotic extracts such as GuaranaAcaiCamu Camu and Breu Branco, it really becomes a feast for your skin.
You will experience a luminous, healthier, baby soft skin that will be prepped for your next step of your skincare routine.

How to use

FOR: Apply twice daily to freshly cleansed skin.

Place 1-3 drops into palms and gently massage over the face, neck, and chest.
Follow with a facial oil for added hydration.
Finish with sunscreen during the daytime.


Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid: Attracts moisture to hydrate the skin, making it appear firmer and smoother, while with a soothing feel for sensitive skin.
Guaraná: A caffeine-rich Brazilian plant native to the Amazon, which energizes the skin and reveals a fresh, healthy-looking complexion.
Açaí: Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E and helps to revitalize skin, and restore moisture.
Camu Camu: One of the richest botanical sources of vitamin C and also features polyphenols and natural forms of vitamin B3 (niacin).
The skin brightener helps targets discoloration, and minimize the look of fine lines.
Breu Branco: An aromatic natural resin with a calming effect on the body and mind.
Rosemary Leaf Oil: Helps even skin tone and reduces puffiness.

Serum Para A Face Serum - The Look and Co
Serum Para A Face Serum - The Look and Co
Serum Para A Face Serum - The Look and Co