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Meet Tatine; Composed of an exquisite blend of bespoke perfume oils and essential oils and poured into artisan mouth-blown glassware crafted to be washed and live forever.

Sip slowly and appreciate the delicacy. 

  • up to 50 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere when burned properly.

FRAGRANCE NOTES - Garden Mint 8 oz 

Closed eyes …⁣⁣ voices of leaves and birds ⁣⁣in my hair⁣⁣. As if you are here⁣⁣ In a moment.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 

Sparkling with lemon tea and the extraordinary extract of Schinus molle, also known as pink peppercorn. Ethically harvested and distilled in Lima, Peru, the essential oil is purified in France by a soft molecular distillation process and then blended into our fragrance for its gorgeous Evergreen character and feeling of sweet solace. An incredibly lush and herbal aromatic garden mint braided with berries, ginger, eucalyptus and delicate jasmine petals. ⁣⁣

FRAGRANCE NOTES : Holy Basil 8 oz

The season is at hand when swaying on its stem

Every flower exhales perfume like a censer

Sounds and perfumes circle in the evening air;

To be fragrant, magical, and medicinal, Holy Basil is a spiritual ceremony of dark green camphorous herbal notes blended with wild grasses, cannabis, and sacred basil.

Adorning houses and temples throughout India, the plant's woody stalks are often made into beads used in meditation malas or rosaries, generating a warming influence on physiology.  

Drops of dark syrupy violet oil, anise, and garden mint enhance nature's fragrant and spiritual rhythms emanating from this scent. 

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Morning Sun 8 oz

Notes are sewn together to create a tapestry of aromas, music, sounds, and smells to enthrall the heart. Through the bluesy raspy voice of Paul Rogers of Free & Bad Company, his choice of notes, like fragrance, convey soulful longing on this track.

Brimming with solar and citrus notes, Morning Sun opens with golden, velvety apricot syrup and fresh green lime leaves. Mild spicy hints of pink peppercorn and Timur pepper deliver deep red grapefruit notes perfumed with sweet intoxicating orange blossoms. ⁣

Drops of dark, fragrant oud oil add depth to the heart notes, and a tinge of gourmand praline wood adds a soft creaminess to this wishful fragrance. ⁣

FRAGRANCE NOTES: The Coast Road 8 oz

A slow burn carried aloft by the sense of transcendent joy that comes from foraging out at the edges of things. Illuminated by scent memory from travels and the undeniably pretty leftover unfinished reel from the after sessions of David Crosby's first solo record-⁣

The Coast Road⁣⁣⁣

…is a wafting sillage of orange blossoms and lime, ⁣⁣salty mandarin zest, Italian lemon, and soft sage stacked on harmonies of coriander, delicate jasmine, and creamy aromatic vapors of sandalwood, cedar, and guiac wood. Maritime pine floats on top of melodic, effervescent waves of scented dark blue waters ⁣⁣along sun-swept coastal roads where the sea's music meets the earth's perfumes. ⁣⁣⁣

FRAGRANCE NOTES - Bergamot 8oz.

A short pass through a mossy forest leaves a shimmering pattern of grounding sandalwood and glinting herbal undertones - bright, botanic and spirit-lifting. The sillage gives way to stillness and soft focus. A breath of wandering summer when you need it most. 

A box of tea. A lemon. An open window that looks out on orchard, forest or sea. A crisp, green breeze carrying a sparkling blend of citrus with fragrant ginger, lime and Italian bergamot, steeped with tea and aromatic magnolia flower. 



  • The boxes are printed in Chicago with craft manufacturing, adorned with locally-sourced, 100% recyclable labels featuring a kindred design collaboration between two Chicago female artists and Tatine, working in shared inspiration from music, poetry, and abstract painting. 
  • Flatten the beautiful origami-style box, as the scent of each candle leaves its mark and can be slipped into a drawer to emit a delicate fragrance.
Tatine Candles 8 oz - The Look and Co
Tatine Candles 8 oz - The Look and Co
Tatine Candles 8 oz - The Look and Co
Tatine Candles 8 oz - The Look and Co
Tatine Candles 8 oz - The Look and Co
Tatine Candles 8 oz - The Look and Co
Tatine Candles 8 oz - The Look and Co