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Meet Tatine; Composed of an exquisite blend of bespoke perfume oils and essential oils and poured into artisan mouth-blown glassware crafted to be washed and live forever.

FRAGRANCE NOTES - Bergamot 8oz.

Odes to Common Things 

A short pass through a mossy forest leaves a shimmering pattern of grounding sandalwood and glinting herbal undertones - bright, botanic and spirit-lifting. The sillage gives way to stillness and soft focus. A breath of wandering summer when you need it most. 

A box of tea. A lemon. An open window that looks out on orchard, forest or sea. A crisp, green breeze carrying a sparkling blend of citrus with fragrant ginger, lime and Italian bergamot, steeped with tea and aromatic magnolia flower. 

Sip slowly and appreciate the delicacy. 

  • up to 50 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere when burned properly.







  • The boxes are printed in Chicago with craft manufacturing, adorned with locally-sourced, 100% recyclable labels featuring a kindred design collaboration between two Chicago female artists and Tatine, working in shared inspiration from music, poetry, and abstract painting. 
  • Flatten the beautiful origami-style box, as the scent of each candle leaves its mark and can be slipped into a drawer to emit a delicate fragrance.
Tatine Candles - Bergamoto - The Look and Co